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Spending A Ton Of Money And Not Getting Lasting Results

Even after insurance, deductibles, and premiums, the average yearly medical expenses are still over $12,000.

Lacking Security And Certainty In Your Long Term Health

Are you 100% confident that you can keep your youth, and fight off sickness and disease, even as you continue to age?

Missing Accurate Knowledge And Training Of Health

The #1 cause of death and the #1 cause of disability in North America is highly preventable with a healthy lifestyle.

Spending Hours Working Out Without Any Clear Progress

On the right program, you can exercise for only 20 minutes and get more results than over 1 hour of standard training.

Feeling Lost Without A Clear Plan To Achieve Your Goals

Without the proper training, it's almost impossible to find the truth because of so much conflicting information available.

Stuck Feeling Tired, Stressed And Unfocused

Without visible results and a clear path forward, it's easy to get overwhelmed, worn out, and feeling like your fighting an impossible battle.

There’s nothing worse than chronic illness & pain. When you find yourself in this position the most valuable investment you can make for yourself and your loved ones is to look outside of yourself & consult tried and true experts to make sure you get the right program, the right support, and the right knowledge to take back your health and secure your longevity.



"Life changing is the only way to describe working with the Elite Dynamic Life team. I am forever thankful for the massive changes in my life over the past 7 months. It has given me hope and surety for my health that I have never experienced before"

Allison Pastoor

"I honestly thought I was healthy, while I was overweight and depressed. I met Ron and on one phone call, my life and mindset changed forever. I lost 20 pounds in 20 days. I fixed IBS and healed my gut. I even became free from a food and drug addiction."

Rene McLaren

"I'm 53 going on 18! My auto immune disease is completely gone! My menopause symptoms are no more! The only side effect, 40 pounds of crap and toxins left the building! I have lots of energy and feeling amazing! I'm aging backwards!"

Janet Lindner

Industry Leading Holistic Health System That Guarantees


Cellular Hydration is always the first thing we look at with all our clients. Chronic dehydration can be linked to over 25 life-threatening and chronic diseases. Water is the source of all life on this planet. It has many specific jobs inside your body. Water is the building material for all types of cells, It's your body's #1 conductor of electricity, and it's your body's main delivery system for all nutrients.


This is why we teach you how to maintain cellular hydration in your body. Well over 75% of the population is considered chronically dehydrated, and without true cellular hydration, your body will not be an efficient machine. We have seen dramatic improvements with our clients just from getting them hydrated. Issues like inflammation, weight loss, joint pain, chronic fatigue, and a lot more. To put it simply, if you are chronically dehydrated you are taking years off your life... 

 STEP #1


​We live in a very toxic and polluted world. It is impossible to completely avoid all of the many different types of toxins we get exposed to on a daily basis. Toxins like environmental pollution, such as fine particulate matter. The thousands of man-made chemicals, various heavy metals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, free radicals, bio-solids, and excess acid that we accumulate from modern food and water, and the auto-intoxication that happens inside the body. Caused by undigested food, malnutrition, and prolonged stress and anxiety.


This is why we help you eliminate toxicity in your body from the inside out by teaching you how to systematically detoxify your body naturally and safely. Then maintain your fresh new clean insides with a low-maintenance detox routine designed for your body without consuming all of your time for the rest of your life.



Your body was built and designed to be strong and athletic. Most people become weak and fragile as they age, and lose their ability to live a normal life. They struggle to sustain optimal hormone levels, making it impossible to build and maintain lean muscle. This causes people to lose their endurance and athletic ability. Their confidence drops, they can't play with their kids or grandkids like they want to, and they don't adventure and try new things because they are worried about getting injured. That isn't how your life is supposed to be...


This is why we help you develop your body with the most efficient time spent training through an exercise program individually made for your specific needs and goals. You can absolutely be much stronger, faster, more powerful, flexible, and more mobile than the average person. You can even keep your strength and performance for much longer than everyone else, as long as you support and develop your body with the right consistent exercise to build and maintain your body's functional ability.



Four out of the five leading causes of death in North America can be prevented with proper nutrition. Despite what some "experts" may lead you to believe, eating to support your life, health, and longevity shouldn't be complicated. You don't need to find the perfect fad diet. You don't need to spend hours every week planning your life around what you're going to eat. Eating to live is simple, it's supposed to be simple, taste delicious, and you don't need to have a degree to make smart dietary choices.


That is why we create a personalized, sustainable, and bio-available nutrition plan designed specifically for you, to eliminate any & all nutritional deficiencies. We heavily focus on the knowledge and training behind the plan. So you aren't just living off some meal plan with certain foods you can and cannot eat. So you can adapt and make smart decisions long-term for your nutrition.



We've all heard the saying "knowledge is power". But we are here to tell you that knowledge is only potential power, because if you don't back up your knowledge with action, it's useless and will fade away. As you become properly trained and empowered with the truth, you need to develop the mental capacity, discipline, and skills to put that information to use towards achieving your goals.


This is why we show you how to develop a very strong & disciplined mind so you can apply the right knowledge and training that will create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. A truly healthy mind gives you the ability to always grow and develop yourself instead of self-sabotaging. The mental skills to break any bad habit and make positive changes that stick, how to take control of your happiness, and how to always create an environment that you will thrive in. All of these skills move you towards your goals, improve your life and support your health.



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