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PATENTED PROBIOTIC STRAIN OPTIMIZES GUT HEALTH, BUILDS STRONGER MUSCLES, AND BURNS FAT P3-OM uses a patented process to dramatically enhance L. Plantarum — one of the most studied probiotics ever — resulting in a new super strain that can digest the protein-coating of pathogens like yeast, mold, viruses and even parasites. The proteolytic nature of P3-OM means it helps convert protein into usable amino acids that feed your brain, gut, and muscles. No refrigeration is necessary. P3-OM uses a freeze-drying process to keep the beneficial bacteria “dormant” until they make contact with water again. Probiotic maintains its maximum shelf-life and potency at room temperature, which means you always get the CFU count listed on the bottle. P3-OM doubles every 20 minutes as long as it has nutrients to feed on. Nutritional Facts Supports digestive health Helps to strengthen immune health Fights bad bacteria in the gut Gives relief from IBS, SIBO Provides relief from autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis and more. 

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