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  • Nano Silver Lifestyle Bundle

Nano Silver Lifestyle Bundle

PriceFrom C$112.96
Excluding GST/HST

Get the best of everything with the Lifestyle Bundle.


With 4 Highly Effective Delivery Mechanisms, you will be getting the best possible results from Nano Silver technology to:

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Fight Against Parasite Infections
  • Reduce Inflammation Throughout Your Body
  • Cleanse Your Mouth Of Harmful Bacteria
  • Promote Healing


Our safe and proven Nano-Silver works alongside your bodies own immune system to help you stay healthy and strong for all that life throws at you!


With unmatched safety, efficacy, and hundreds of public 3rd party studies and test series on this technology, you can rest assured you are getting nothing but the best support for your immune system.


Triple Action Nano-Silver:

This unique silver technology works in three different ways, allowing it to outperform other silvers that have up to 300 times the quantity of silver. It also doesn't stop working the entire time it's inside your body. It is incredibly safe, exits the body within 24 hours, and won't harm probiotics.

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