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  • Human Trainer Essential Kit

Human Trainer Essential Kit

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The Human Trainer Essential Kit is your all-in-one home and on-the-go training kit designed for all fitness levels. The Human Trainer is a portable, fun-to-use, versatile, and highly-effective training system.


The Human Trainer Essential Kit is the most versatile Bodyweight Suspension System on the market with its patented dual anchor modular D-Ring design. The Human Trainer Essential Kit includes a detailed user manual that provides directions for setting up the Dual Anchor Door System and the Dual Anchor Versatility System. The manual provides 20+ sample exercises including Stretching and Flexibility movements (with examples of correct and incorrect techniques) and includes safety and product maintenance instructions. Included in The Human Trainer Essential Kit are the Short Versatility Anchors with integrated door anchors to be able to instantly set up on any standard door as well as outdoors or indoors on a cable machine or sturdy overhead beam. Perform hundreds of full-body movements including suspended core exercises using the integrated foot cradle handles. The Human Trainer is backed by an industry-leading 2-year warranty.




2 x Main straps with Integrated Door Anchors
2 x Short-Versatility Anchors with Integrated Door Anchors
2 x Integrated Foot Cradle Handles
1 x Detailed User Manual
1 x Mesh Carry Bag


Circuit7 The Human Trainer DVD

 3 Full Body Circuits

    1 Stretching Circuit

    Core and Abs Circuit

    Bonus Features


    2-Year Replacement Warranty

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