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  • Active Defense Nano Silver+ Immune Support
  • Active Defense Nano Silver+ Immune Support

Active Defense Nano Silver+ Immune Support

Excluding GST/HST

In a world full of stress, bacteria, and viruses you need immune support more than ever. This proprietary silver is a triple-action AND continuous-action immune support supplement you can take up to three times a day. Within two hours our unique particles are working hard directly in your bloodstream. These particles are proven incredibly effective and safe, and within a day they are completely gone from your body.


The Extra Strength 32ppm supplement is over 3x stronger than the daily use 10ppm formula and is designed to be used when you are under the weather or feel your immune system is in need of extra support.


The 10ppm formula is designed for you to use daily to help support the immune system, and has shown in 3rd party testing to be more effective than other colloidal silvers and hydrosols even if they have higher ppm levels (concentrations).


Key Benefits

  • Supports the immune system
  • Leaves the body within 24 hours
  • Proven safe & effective in 3rd-party testing
  • Contains NO nitrates, phthalates, BPA, gluten, or sulfa compounds
  • Made in the USA with lab-grade purified water (deionized water) and 99.99% pure silver


Proven Safety

With unmatched safety, efficacy, and hundreds of public 3rd party studies and test series on this technology, you can rest assured you are getting the best support for your immune system.

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