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Affiliate Partner Application

General Information

Hey! What's Your Name?

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What's Your Phone Number?

What's The Best Time To Reach You?

02:30 PM

What Is Your Sex?

Describe Why It’s Important For You To Be A Part Of Our Mission

Are You Looking For Full-Time Or Part-Time Income?

Where Are You Located?

Personal Information

What Are Your Core Values?

How Important Is Your Health To You?

Whats Your Biggest Personal Health Goal?

What Have You Already Achieved For Your Own Health Or The Health Of Others?

How Committed Are You To Helping People?

How Would You Describe Your Mindset Towards Serving Others?

What Are The Most Important Ethics To Have In Business?

What Are Your Biggest Character Weaknesses

What Are Your Biggest Character Strengths

Do You Have Any Role Models You Follow? If yes, list them below.

Have You Ever Taken Or Currently Take Any Pharmaceuticals Or Narcotic Drugs? If yes, list all drugs.

Do You Have A Criminal Record? If yes list what crimes are on your record.

How Often Do You Drink Alcohol?

Professional Information

How Coachable And Willing To Learn Are You?

How Many Hours Per Week Can You Work To Grow Your Business As An Affiliate Partner?

Do You Work Well In A Team Environment?

What Is Your Current Career Status?

What Previous Experience Do You Have That Would Make You Valuable To Our Affiliate Partner Team

How Would You Handle A Situation Where A Customer/Client Is Not Happy With A Product Or Service They Purchased Through You?

Please List Any Skills And Qualifications You Would Like Us To Be Aware Of.

Do You Speak A Foreign Language? If yes, list them below.

Do You Have Previous Experience Being Self Employed?

Do You Have Any Previous Sales Experience?

Do You Have Any Previous Marketing Experience?

What Is Your Target For Recurring Monthly Income In The Next 6 Months?

What Equipment Do You Have To Work Remotely?

Describe Your Dream Customers & Clients

Who At Our Company Can Give You A Character Reference

Final Question

In Your Own Words Please Tell Us Why We Should Accept Your Application And Welcome You As An Affiliate Partner.

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